A novel immunotherapy platform

Harnessing the power of the complement system to fight cancer


What we do

Commit Biologics has developed a novel platform technology to harness the power of the complement system, a vital part of the innate immune system. With a unique mechanism of action, the technology has the potential to create a new type of immunotherapy for the treatment of a variety of cancers.


The BiCE™ technology

The complement system represents an efficient immune mechanism for clearing tumor cells, modulating the tumor-micro-environment, and for stimulating an adaptive immune response. However, complement is inherently difficult to activate and is currently underexploited in cancer treatment. The BiCE™ technology is designed to potently activate the complement system to induce tumor cell killing. It’s based on bi-specific antibodies that specifically recruit the complement system to the cancer cells. With a novel mechanism of action, the technology has the potential to redefine cancer treatment.


About us

Commit Biologics is a biotech spin-out from Aarhus University founded in 2021. The Commit team combines expertise in antibody development and complement research to refine the BiCE™ technology. The team has strong academic (highly ranked publications, e.g. Nature, Cell and Science), industrial (Alexion, J&J, Argenx and Complement Pharma) and international experience.


Taking the leap

BioInnovation Institute x Commit Biologics


Our investors

Commit Biologics is funded by a group of investors who believe in our work and the potential of immunotherapy.


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