A novel immunotherapy platform

Harnessing the power of the complement system to fight cancer


What we do

Commit Biologics has developed a novel platform technology to harness the power of the complement system, a vital part of the innate immune system. With a unique mechanism of action, the technology has the potential to create a new type of immunotherapy for the treatment of a variety of cancers.


The BiCE™ technology

The complement system represents an efficient immune mechanism for clearing tumor cells, modulating the tumor-micro-environment, and for stimulating an adaptive immune response. However, complement is inherently difficult to activate and is currently underexploited in cancer treatment.

The BiCE™ technology is designed to potently activate the complement system to induce tumor cell killing. It’s based on bi-specific antibodies that specifically recruit the complement system to the cancer cells. With a novel mechanism of action, the technology has the potential to redefine cancer treatment.


About us

Commit Biologics is a biotech spin-out from Aarhus University founded in 2021. The Commit team combines expertise in antibody development and complement research to develop a new type of immunotherapy to treat cancer.

The founding team has strong academic (highly ranked publications, e.g. Nature, Cell and Science), industrial (Alexion, J&J, Argenx and Complement Pharma) and international experience. The management brings a wealth of operational experience, notably in I/O biology, preclinical development, pipeline advancement and drug approvals and exceptional researchers drive the scientific progress within the lab.


Board of directors


Anker Lundemose

Chair, MD PhD, Mission Therapeutics

CEO at mission Therapeutics focused on selectively targeting deubiquitylating enzymes to treat diseases of high unmet need.


Roderick Verhelst

PhD, Bioqube Ventures

Principal at Bioqube Ventures focusing on sourcing, financing and developing innovative therapeutic assets and technologies.


Jeroen Bakker

PhD, Novo Seeds

Principal at Novo Holdings and part of the Novo Seeds team focusing early-stage financing and development of strong and competitive companies.


Nick Stub Laursen

CSO & Co-founder, Commit Biologics

Nick has extensive experience in antibody characterization and has worked within the field of complement research for more than 15 years.


Krishna Polu

MD PhD, Bioqube Ventures & CEO, Commit Biologics

CEO at Commit Biologics and Executive in Residence at Bioqube Ventures, an early stage life sciences focused biotech investment fund. 


Our investors

Commit Biologics is funded by a group of investors who believe in our work and the potential of immunotherapy.


Taking the leap

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