Board of directors


Anker Lundemose, MD PhD


CEO at Mission Therapeutics focused on selectively targeting deubiquitylating enzymes to treat diseases of high unmet need.


Roderick Verhelst, PhD

Bioqube Ventures

Principal at Bioqube Ventures focusing on sourcing, financing and developing innovative therapeutic assets and technologies.


Jeroen Bakker, PhD

Novo Seeds

Principal at Novo Holdings and part of the Novo Seeds team focusing early-stage financing and development of strong and competitive companies.


Nick Stub Laursen, PhD

CSO & co-founder

Nick has extensive experience in antibody characterization and has worked within the field of complement research for more than 15 years.


Krishna Polu, MD


CEO at Commit Biologics and Executive in Residence at Bioqube Ventures, an early stage life sciences focused biotech investment fund. 




Janine Schuurman, PhD

Antibody enthusiast and molecular Immunologist

Formerly served as SVP Antibody Research and Technology at Genmab. Pioneered IgG4 biology and IgG1-complement interactions leading to groundbreaking insights in antibody biology. Co-inventor of numerous therapeutic antibodies, including FDA-approved RYBREVANT® (amivantamab) and EPKINLY® (epcoritamab). Also co-inventor of the bispecific antibody platform DuoBody® and effector function-enhanced HexaBody® and HexElect® technologies.


Brian Kotzin, MD

Rheumatologist and Immunologist

Brian recently served as SVP and CMO at Nektar Therapeutics. Previous Head of the Inflammation Therapeutic Area and Vice President, Head of Medical Sciences at Amgen. Trained rheumatologist and immunologist and previously Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado.


Frank Landolt, PhD

Patent attorney and transactional lawyer

Previously member of the management team at Ablynx, responsible for IP strategy, building a strong patent estate and involved in negotiating various partnerships with leading pharma companies. Ablynx was acquired by Sanofi in 2018 for $4.8B.

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